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How To Install Ghost on DigitalOcean Using Ubuntu

We will shortly install Ghost at DigitalOcean with Ubuntu 16.04.4 x64 (without one click app).

First, Create Droplet at DigitalOcean

  • Choose Ubuntu (currently is 16.04.4 x64)
  • Choose lower price for beginner ($5/month)
  • Choose datacenter (free to choose, eg. Singapore)
  • Skip Additional Options
  • Add Your SSH Keys (what is SSH Keys?)
  • Click Create Button

Your server will be set up and ready in a minute and you will know your IP Address.

Second, you need to open your SSH and you can follow step by step installation from Ghost Team.

You will install nginx, MySQL and Ghost itself. When you create MySQL dont forget your hostname, username and password.

When you reach at ghost install, you will be prompted some basic question of installation.

Enter your blog Url:
If you dont have domain and only have the ip address. Put http://your.ip.address. If you have domain name, put your domain name instead http://yourdomain.com.

Enter your MySQL hostname:
Put your MySQL hostname

Enter your MySQL username:
Put your MySQL username

Enter your MySQL password:
Put your MySQL password

Ghost database name:
choose name for your database

Do you wish to set up nginx?
Choose Yes

Do you wish to set up ssl?
Choose No

Do you wish to set up systemd?
Choose Yes

Do you want to start Ghost?
Choose Yes

Your Ghost has been installed. Now you could visit your ip address or your domain.

PS : If you find any error, try to make a new installation.